Rotary International, District 1160 (Ireland)

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Setting up a new Probus Club


Rotary International in Great Britain and Ireland (R.I.B.I.) encourages Rotary clubs to address the needs of a growing senior population. It urges Rotarians to organize and support Probus clubs as a commended community service activity. Probus is a proud community service activity of Rotary clubs.

At establishment in Ireland, each new Probus club is sponsored and founded by a local Rotary club, or group of Rotary clubs.

Rotary Clubs in District 1160 (Ireland) considering sponsoring and initiating a new Probus Club and who are seeking advice and help, including an Information Pack, may contact -

Rotarian Ivan Conner
    (Rotary Club of Lisburn)
    District Probus Liaison Officer (North)


Rotarian Aodh Bourke
    (Rotary Club of Cork)
    District Probus Liaison Officer (South)

For contact details see either -
the current Rotary Directory or Probus Directory

Setting up a Probus Club.
A sequence of activities for the Founding Rotary Club

1. Assess the local demand as to the prospective Club gender.
There are menís clubs, ladiesí clubs and dual gender clubs.
Decide Probus Club gender.
Appoint a facilitator from within the Rotary Club's membership.
2. Assemble a list of prospective members.
The Rotary club typically advertises in local shops, etc., and approaches retired or semi-retired people in the community to build a mailing list of prospective candidates. Potential Probus members are not required to be past members of Rotary. Fewer than 10% of Probus members are former Rotarians.
3. Hold an 'Information' Meeting.
Invite candidates to an exploratory meeting the purpose of which is to promote interest and explain the simple non-service fellowship nature of Probus Clubs. Topics covered will include - What Probus is - purpose - structure - nature of activities - frequency of meetings - history - possible cost.
4. Hold a 'Formation' Meeting.
When the numbers are viable, call a meeting to set up the Probus club.
  • Agree constitution details (Sample available)
  • Elect office bearers
  • Agree annual membership fee
  • Agree meeting venue, timing, etc
  • Arrange insurance
  • Arrange date for Charter Meeting
  • Order President's Chain of Office
5. Hold the Charter Meeting
  • Invite Rotary President
  • Press
  • Significant others
  • Present Chain of Office
  • Refreshments

The sponsoring Rotary Club(s) will usually present a Presidential Chain of Office to the new Probus Club at the Charter Meeting.

Once established, the club becomes an autonomous organization and its members take over leadership. Sponsoring Rotary Clubs may keep in touch by inviting the Probus Club President and/or Secretary to Rotary Club events from time to time.