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About Probus

PROBUS is the Association of retired and semi-retired professional and business personnel in autonomous localized clubs throughout Ireland, Britain and the rest of the world

Retirement can come too early for many people who want and are able to remain active. Probus clubs are organizations for men and women who have retired from their profession or business and want to maintain a social network with others who have similar interests. The club meets at least once a month for fellowship and to hear guest speakers.

The word PROBUS is an abbreviation of the words PROfessional and BUSiness but membership is not restricted to these two groups. It also embraces former executives of government and other organisations and, in fact, any person who has had some measure of responsibility in any field of endeavour.

The Probus movement has no central world body. Some countries and regions do have their own governing body for Probus, usually called Probus Centres, staffed by volunteers, but Great Britain and Ireland, where Probus began, do not. Throughout the UK and Ireland each club is autonomous, making its own rules and decisions about time, place and regularity of meetings, and the format that these gatherings follow.

At establishment each new Probus club is sponsored by a local Rotary club, or group of Rotary clubs. Once established, the club becomes an autonomous organization and its members take over leadership. Potential Probus members are not required to be past members of Rotary. Fewer than 10% of Probus members are former Rotarians.

The basic purpose of a Probus Club is to provide regular gatherings of persons who in retirement appreciate and value opportunities to meet others in similar circumstances and of a similar level of interest. There are men’s clubs, ladies’ clubs and dual gender clubs.

The emphasis is for Probus Clubs to be:
  • Simple in structure.
  • Free from the constraints and obligations of service clubs.
  • Involve members in minimum costs.
  • Directed primarily to provide fellowship with the opportunity for development and acquaintance.
  • Made up from members who are compatible with one another.


The activities of Probus Clubs usually fall into this category:
  • A weekly or fortnightly meeting on a set day of the week from around 10.30 a.m. to 12.30 p.m. comprising approximately 30 minutes for coffee, 30 minutes for business and 60 minutes to hear a guest speaker and for discussion.
  • Some clubs alternate coffee mornings and luncheon meetings.
  • Additional activities include visits between meetings to places or organisations of particular interest to members and occasional social and sports activities.

PROBUS membership provides self-generating goodwill, a sense of belonging and a diverse background of interests. The fellowship and cordiality evident within Probus Clubs ensures a highly successful future for PROBUS as a firmly established part of the community.

Membership Statistics

Probus Worldwide
  • 5,000 Clubs - in 22 countries
  • 400,000 members
Probus All-Ireland
  • 134 Clubs
  • 95 male, 34 female and 5 dual gender clubs
  • 4,700 members

The Rotary District 1160 (Ireland) supports the Probus movement in Ireland by providing two Rotarians to act as District Probus Liaison Officers, one for the northern part of the island and the other for the southern part. These officers help Rotary Clubs develop new Probus Clubs and maintain central records of Probus Club officers and meetings. Rotary District 1160 (Ireland) also hosts this website.

The Rotary District Probus Liaison Officers publish an inexpensive annual Probus District Directory giving contact details for every Probus Club in Ireland. Available to Probus members and their sponsoring Rotary Clubs only. Orders should be placed with your Probus Club Secretary each January. It is for the use of Probus members in Ireland ONLY. It is not permitted to be used by any third party for any use whatsoever. NO part of the directory may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form or means electronic or otherwise without prior written permission of the District Probus Liaison Officers.


Each club is sponsored and assisted in
its initial start up by a local Rotary Club.
Thereafter it is autonomous.